Scientist looking at water quality sample of a mountain stream
Kelly Loria on mountain stream health
- March 11, 2021 -

Kelly is a PhD candidate in the Natural Resources and Environmental Science Program at the University of Nevada, Reno working with Dr. Joanna Blaszczak. Her background is in alpine lake ecology having led a team monitoring the alpine lakes in the Green Lakes Valley of Colorado. Her recent research interests include investigating patterns of metabolism and nutrient uptake by algal communities of mountain streams in Lake Tahoe Basin.

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Learn more about stream ecology: Check out the Univervsity of Nevada Reno’s Dept. Of Natural Resources and Environmental Science website.

Related article: in Kelly’s talk above you learned about the role of nitrates in water. In this article published by Kelly’s faculty advisor Dr. Joanna Blaszczak, you can learn more about how stormwater runoff and nitrates are related.

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