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Headwaters complete curriculum: Explore our entire Google drive with unlimited access to all our resources and curriculum. If your school or family are financially able, please consider making a donation to support the creation of these materials.

Topic-specific lessons: access some of our free mini-lessons below. You can also access these on our Teachers Pay Teachers webpage, plus other complete lessons and paid content.


Online Learning Portal

Utilizing modern technology to deliver science education is a great way to keep students learning while at home. Check out our online learning section for an offering a weekly science lessons that can be used as short assignments or class projects.


Teaching Student Driven Research

This guide helps educators to support students in creating their own scientific projects. Our student-led methods allow teachers to gently guide students as they take the lead, using their own curiosity to drive their research. 

Teacher guide for the Student Driven Research process

Designing a Research Project

These interactive packets are designed to walk students through the process of creating a research question and designing a research project around their question.

Research Presentation Materials

These guides are form the basis of student research presentations.

Pre-presentation discussion: 

Group results discussion worksheet for Middle School or High School


Data Collection Tools

The guides below are designed to familiarize school teachers and graduate student instructors with the research tools and methods we use most frequently during field days with students.