Lunch With a Scientist

Lunch With A Scientist is a series of weekly science talks that promotes student exposure to working STEM professionals. 

Each week we’ll introduce students to a new scientist who will present their research and answer questions from the audience. This is a great way to still give students exposure to science-related careers while learning remotely.

How to view: Watch the talks Tuesdays at 11 a.m. PST on YouTube or Facebook

Worksheets: A worksheet and vocabulary list related to the talk are included in each talk listing.

Search for a topic: look for a talk by enterinng keywords in the search bar above, or find a talk based on description using our talk index below.


For teachers:

Want to bring a specific scientist to your classroom? We can arrange a video meeting with a scientist from a field that matches your curriculum, and have your students submit questions they’ll answer after the presentation. Download our program proposal form for more information, or schedule a meeting with us below to discuss.

Help Build Our Library!

We want to expose even more students to science careers through these talks. To make them easily searchable, we plan to create a standalone website/library for the program. In order to build this library and still keep the program free, we need your help! 

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Past Videos

Lunch With A Scientist: Kurt Sable on Wildfire

Lunch With A Scientist: Kurt Sable on Wildfire

Kurt Sable has worked for the Forest Service in 3 different national forests for over 17 years. In this talk, he details wildfire specific management projects he’s worked on as a hydrologist.