Lunch With a Scientist

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Lunch With A Scientist is a series of weekly science talks that promotes student exposure to working STEM professionals.

Each week we add a new talk to our library introducing students to a scientist and their research.

How to view: Watch the talks in the library below or see the school program description below to learn how to Zoom with a presenter.


Using Lunch With A Scientist at school:

These talks can either be standalone activities or serve as the beginning of a longer term research project.


  • Bring a specific scientist to your classroom: We can arrange a video meeting with a scientist from a field that matches your curriculum, and have your students submit questions they’ll answer after the presentation. Download our program proposal below for more information, or schedule a meeting with us to discuss.
  • Use with a research project: beginning a unit with a Lunch With A Scientist talk is a great way to introduce students to the field and show them what kind of research is possible. After watching the talk, you can move into a full-length Headwaters Research Program or lead one of your own.
  • Use as a standalone activity: each talk includes a worksheet and list of associated resources. You can use a talk as a one-time exercise to fill a class block or use for 2-3 classes by incorporating the resources.

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