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Donate and help Headwaters win the Give Back Tahoe Challenge for the 2nd year in a row. Last year, Headwaters won $6,000 in Challenge Grants thanks to your support in the Give Back Tahoe Challenge. That’s nearly a dollar for dollar match!

The challenge opens Tuesday November 28th. Please donate $50+ to Headwaters at Give Back Tahoe and help us win the challenge grants!

We can’t do this work alone. Headwaters has provided scholarships to over half the schools we have worked with because we believe every child should have access to a great science education. But providing excellent educational opportunities to students in need takes resources. Donations from families like yours make up 55% of our annual budget and are what allowed us to double our outreach for the third time in a row 2017.

Donations can be made online with PayPal or Razoo as well as by mail at:

Headwaters Science Institute
PO Box 913
Soda Springs, CA 95728

       Donate  via PayPal                                               Donate via Razoo
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More ways to help Headwaters

  • Check for employer matching. Many companies will match employee donations and Headwaters is registered with most corporate matching lists.
  • Buy your favorite educator a stainless tumbler!

Screenshot 2015-11-09 21.50.42

Help further science education by purchasing a Cheers to tumbler. All proceeds support Headwaters. We have two options (see photo above). Cheers to Education or Cheers to Science. They cost $17 per cup (price includes shipping if needed). Buy locally in Truckee and save $2 on shipping. Orders can be made via paypal below or locally by contacting  The tumblers are also available on ebay. Cheers to education: Buy Now Button   Cheers to science:Buy Now Button

  • Use Amazon Smile as your bookmarked Amazon page to have a portion of your purchase go to Headwaters. It doesn’t cost you anything, but our programs benefit. Make sure that you use the link each time. Amazon doesn’t remember!
  • Escrip: Signup with Escrip and give back to Headwaters while you shop. You can link Headwaters to your grocery card or start your online shopping here. It takes less than a minute to sign on. There is no purchase necessary, it just connects you to Headwaters at places you already shop.
  • Benefit: We partnered with Benefit as a fundraising solution. It is free to members and free to Headwaters. Benefit is a free iPhone or Android phone app that can be used to pay for your everyday purchases such as groceries, clothes, home goods, and more. You can pay on site at the store or online. A portion of your purchase goes directly back to Headwaters. Retailers include Lowe’s, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and many more! For instance, buy $300 worth of golf equipment at Callaway online, and $60 goes back to Headwaters. Learn more here. Be sure to name Headwaters as your beneficiary.

Headwaters Tax ID EIN: 47-1714438

Please check out the Headwaters Annual Report 2016

Headwaters is a proud partner of:

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Fundraising total

2016: $38,990

We have a 100% contributing board and staff!

Thank you to our 2016 donors:


Wyatt Fereday

Bryan Walker



Daisy Aschehoug

Patricia Belden

Noah Brautigam

Ainsley Campbell

Kelley Carroll

Wilson Dippo

Seth Dow

Nancy Fiddler

Rebecca and Rob Gallardo

Morgan Goodwin

Ken Hammer

Sonja Harris

Alyssa Kendall

Erica Larusson

MaryBeth Larusson

Shane Little

Kelly McElravey

Patrick Norton

Gary Schmitt

Betsy Spencer Judge

Amanda Van Dellen

Peter Wetzel



Emily Blackmer

Stephen Blackmer

Jennifer Blide

Kim Buller

Christie Chandler

Marieanne Cullen

Kathryn and Ed Deglau

Deborah Espinola

Lydia Eusden

Riley Eusden

Erin Faulkner

Gerard Furbershaw

Josie Furbershaw

Sasha Galitzki

Julia Gallop

Andrew Giordano

Dianne Giordano

Kristen Giordano

Carley Goodnoe

Phyllis Hamblet

Anne & Ken Hammer

Patrick Johnson

Karen Jorgensen

Kimberly King

Anne Kuzyk

Eric Larusson

Katrin Larusson

Nathaniel Leachman

Alice Lee

Rebecca Linebaugh

John Maher

Paul Maher

David Margolis

James Mccartney

Martini Morris

Baby Olson

Nathan Olson

Shobha Pai

Sara  Perkovic

Craig Rowe

Claudia Sanchez

Erica Seifert

Sean Sekora

John Svahn

Beth Soule

Kathryn Tuscano

Dan Weinstein

Elizabeth Wendt



Jill Blackmer

James Christol

Janet Deglau

Dykstra Eusden

Sarah Gallop

Ralph Giordano

Julie Gordon

Jonathan Halvorsen

Carolyn Hamilton

Barbara Hartley

Stacey Herhusky

Caroline Hill

Wayne and Cheryl Johnston

Ira King

Joanie King

Cathy Nason

Elizabeth Naylor

Daniela and Jon Pedley

Debra Plant

Michael Powers

Eric Rosen

Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal

Virginia Tuscano

Robert Zimmerman

Sugar Bowl Academy


Karen Axelsson

Alan and Lynn Eusden

Michelle and Gerard Furbershaw

Robert Gedekoh

Nathaniel Herz

Nathaniel Jobe

Elena Kehres

Verona Kendall

Nicole LeClair

Ross Libenson

Robert Miller

Joanna Nowak

Maya Nowak

Jennifer Rassuchine

David Riggs

Jan Rogers

Gretchen Seifert and Karen Parker

Dwight Smith


Mary Ellen Benier

Spencer Eusden

Cathy Krauss

Megan Seifert and Ambrose Tuscano

Mark Stanback

Louise Nunan Taylor



Daniel and Andrea Elkort

In Honor of Jeri Ann Smith

Diana Seifert

Andrew Pasternak – Silver Sage Center

Jeri Ann and Tony Smith

WN Tuscano Agency


Kitty and Barry Tuscano

Nature’s Way Market

1% logo


Nature’s Way; Greensburg, PA

Silver Sage Center for Family Medicine Sports and Fitness Lab

Thank you to all of our 2015 donors. Please take time to read the 2015 Headwaters Annual Report web.

2015 Fundraising: $24,285

Thank you to our 2015 donors:

Anonymous, Benjamin Armstrong, Emily Blackmer, Jessica Caron, Nicholas Crawford, James Crimp, Wyatt Fereday, Morgan Goodwin, Johannes Griesshammer, Krista Helmboldt, Grace Hyndman, James McCartney, Pamela DeRyke, Julie Gordon, Julie Hooper, Kimberly King, Alice Lee, Nancy and Nicholas Litchfield, Kelly McElravey, Lou Raso, Jennifer Blide, Kelley Carroll, Deborah Espinola, Nina French, Andrew Giordano, Phyllis Hamblet, Ira King, Nathaniel Leachman, Mike Maher, Christa and Andrew Nash Webber, Annie Overlin, Caryn Renfrew, Amanda and Chester VanDellen, Benjamin Wieder, Maryanne Christoforou, James Christol, Sarah Gallop, Halvorsen Family, Jeff Hamilton, Cheryl and Wayne Johnston, Joanie King, Jack and Denise Maher, Beth Naylor, Annie Overlin, Debra and Graeme Plant, Jenny Rassuchine, Erin Faulkner, Interflow Hydrology, Truckee, CA, Ross Libenson, Sean Sekora, Michelle Furbershaw, Elena Kehres, Karen Parker and Gretchen Seifert, Erica Seifert, Mary Ellen Benier, Spencer Eusden, Jinny and Mike Ledgard, Diana Seifert, Truckee Airport DistrictSilver Sage Center for Family Medicine Sports and Fitness Lab, Sara Perkovic, Megan Seifert & Ambrose Tuscano, Tuscano AgencyNature’s Way; Greensburg, PA

2014 Fundraising: $20,348

Thank you to our 2014 Donors:

Rebecca and Rob Gallardo, Edward Hilton, Betsy Judge, Kimberly King, Bryan Walker, Danae Anderson, Daisy Aschehoug, Deb Aseltine, Athlete in You, LLC Patrick Riordan, Pamela DeRyke, Lydia Eusden, Mary Hetherington, Nicholas and Nancy Litchfield, Kelly McElravey, Claudia Sanchez, , Stephen Barr, Jennifer Blide, Kelley Carroll & Paige Derdowski, Jim and Ann Christol, Mitch Dion, Deborah Espinola, Dykstra Eusden, Erin Faulkner, Chris, Carrie, Summer and Gwen Feibel, Andy Giordano, Phyllis Hamblet, Robert Hamblet, Anne Hammer, Diane Killeen, Ira King Jr Ed.D, Joanie King, Nathaniel and Julianna Leachman, Ross Libenson, Mike Maher, Bob and Claire Miller, Elizabeth Naylor, Adeline and Paul Penn, Debra Plant, Jenny Rassuchine, Caryn Renfrew, Eric Rosen, Christopher Sanville, Erica Seifert, Garnett and David Shores, Mark Stanback, Chet and Amanda VanDellen,  Adam & Christine Boyd, Alan and Lynn Eusden, Michelle Furbershaw, Robert Gedekoh, Wayne and Cheryl Johnston, Elena Kehres, Nancy Kinner, Shandon Lloyd, Sean Sekora, Mary Ellen Benier, Spencer Eusden, Joanna and Romuald Nowak, Diana Seifert, Megan Seifert & Ambrose Tuscano, WN Tuscano Agency; Greensburg, PA, Kitty and Barry Tuscano, Nature’s Way; Greensburg, PA

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