Mentoring Hours

A resource to help deepen science learning…

A scientist mentor is a professional with a science career who can help students understand key concepts. Our mentoring focuses on these skills and can also be customized to your needs: 

  • scientific literacy (learning to access and read scientific papers)
  • critical and analytical thinking skills
  • research skills (scientific method, asking questions, making hypotheses, collecting data)
  • data analysis and graphing
  • assistance with assignments for science classes

How It Works

We have mentors for grades 6-12 who are trained to help students explore a variety of science concepts, from beginning skills to advanced AP coursework. 

Participants will be paired with a scientist mentor who will work directly with the student to establish a work schedule that’s convenient for both parties. 

Hours are purchased in bulk. More can be added at any time. 


5 hours- $300

10 hours- $550

20 hours- $1000

50 hours- $2,000