Headwaters Science Institute…

…was started by Megan Seifert with the help of Spencer Eusden, and Mary Ellen Benier and a mere $600. With backgrounds in science, the three loved the discipline but felt there might be a better way to incorporate it in education. While studying for her PhD in Zoology/Physiology, Meg had realized that while she loved research and the process of research, she had never before been challenged to ask her own questions in the way that was critical to really understanding scientific concepts, or the world around her. She also realized that while she couldn’t remember everything she learned in science class she easily understood and could talk about every concept she had learned through research. 

Since 2014 Headwaters has strived to help kids not only understand how to do research but to access the confidence to complete research independently and to ask questions about the natural world. With a mission of fostering curiosity through science, it is our hope that students will not only become intrigued by these scientific discoveries but will begin to question the greater world around them. We aim to create informed citizens who blossom when faced with opportunities to positively impact society through engagement, curiosity, and applications of the scientific method.

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Our aim is to see students grow into informed citizens, positive community contributors, and to become eligible candidates for a wide variety of career options. We teach confidence through science programs, and perpetuate the learning cycle by employing graduate students as mentors and providing professional development for teachers.

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