We are hiring!
- September 23, 2023 -



We are looking for people that are passionate about science and education to join our team. 


Part-Time Field Science Teachers

Headwaters Science Institute is seeking science mentors with prior field science research experience who are passionate about outdoor science education to assist with field days associated with school programs in the Bay Area. Headwaters Science Institute is a science education nonprofit based in Soda Springs, CA that works with students to bring them through the entirety of the scientific process. We aim to use local scientists to give students a glimpse into relevant science research that is happening in their communities. As a science mentor, you will assist students with data collection for the research question they will have designed. Methods for data collection will vary based on student questions but will most likely include things like quadrat and transect sampling, soil chemistry testing, water quality measurements, and other simple techniques students will be able to practice in their short time in the field. The pay rate for these field days is $175/day. We work in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Truckee/Tahoe, and Reno.
If you are interested in work, please contact our Program Manager Morgan at morgan@headwatersscienceinstitute.org for more information. 
If you are interested in working with Headwaters but don’t have field science experience, we are always looking for volunteers to assist with field days. Please fill out this form to show interest in volunteer opportunities: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfhI5VH_Y2-cGFx8gjpZ2DKHMsGM_3knoarH8au_MYxe7pBAw/viewform?usp=sf_link