‘It’s incredibly exciting to see’: Spring Research Experience students present their projects
- April 19, 2022 -

Headwaters Science Institute celebrated the completion of the Spring Research Experience on Monday as four students presented their original research projects in a live broadcast (watch above). 

It was the culmination of the students’ hard work over this past semester, illuminating what is possible when you allow Headwaters to take a passion for science and research to the next level.

From hurricanes to social media, our students formulated their own research questions and then collected original data or researched existing data to answer those questions. Each of these students will be published in the Headwaters Research Journal, as well as having the opportunity to publish their findings in other scientific journals. 

“Every year it’s completely different; the topics are often off the wall,” research mentor Daniel Dudek said. “… We help them collect the data, analyze the data and draw conclusions to whatever question they may have. 

“It’s incredibly exciting every year to see what comes out of the program.” 

Research projects studied diverse topics

Charlie Benson researched the effect of surface temperatures on the intensity and frequency of tropical storms and hurricanes in Florida, drawing on airport weather databases over four decades. 

Kian Schaefer examined how future climate models, in 2050 and then in 2070, will affect spider monkey habitat and populations. He used mapping tools and climate models to predict the future of spider monkeys, a key species in rainforest reforestation.

Shuchi Shivangi studied social media’s effects on eating habits in female teens, asking the key question of how idealized body proportions, weight and eating habits influence her generation. 

Carolyn Pyun created her own survey distributed in her Saratoga, Fla., high school to also study social media’s effects on youths. She studied its effect on self esteem. 

Projects a testament to power of student-driven research

On behalf of everyone at Headwaters Science Institute, we would like to congratulate all of the Spring Research Experience students on a job well done with all of their projects this semester. It’s a great example of bringing science to life in a hands-on fashion, and we hope the tools learned throughout this experience will benefit them for years to come. 

For high school students interested in the Research Experience, we still have spots available for the summer program that starts June 14. We’ll also soon begin accepting students for the fall semester, as well. Email program director Jennifer Cotton at jenn@headwatersscienceinstitute.org or visit the Research Experience page for more information.