Waste Management Lesson and Worm Composting How-To
- November 20, 2020 -

Our brand new Waste Management Curriculum for middle school is out! This is designed to teach students about waste, how its generated, and how we manage it as a society. You can check out the curriculum on our teacher resources page

This lesson also contains interactive videos:


Learn how to reduce food waste at home by building a worm bin. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • kitchen scraps
  • newspaper or paper strips
  • a large bin with a lid
  • water
  • red worms
  • soil or organic matt

Waste management research by professionals:

Amanda Cauble:

In this science talk, Amanda Cauble talks about wastewater treatment, and covers a specific research project related to COVID-19.


Monaliza Noor:

In this science talk, Monaliza Noor talks about solid waste management, and covers specific policies to reduce waste landfills and recycle organic matter.


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