Serene Lakes Science Camp

Serene Lakes Young Scientist Exploration Camp

*This camp is open only to the families at Serene Lakes and their guests.*

Session 1: July 19-21, 2021
Session 2: July 26-28, 2021
Price: $195/session (includes Headwaters T-shirt)

General registration: Ages 5-12
Counselor-in-training program: ages 13+

Drop off : 8:30 and 9:00 am.
Pick up: between 2:30 and 3:00 pm each day.

Registration is limited to 40 campers per session

Give your child the opportunity to explore Serene Lakes this summer. This hands-on science camp is designed for children of Serene Lakes families to explore the unique ecology of the area.

Day campers will explore the natural spaces around Serene Lakes, ask scientific questions, and design and conduct experiments to answer their own questions. Science is fun and engaging when children get to ask the questions that they are curious about. This program will show your child science is fun and all around them while forging a unique connection to the Serene Lakes area.

Session 1 – Insects and Plants


Campers will explore the native diversity of insects and plants in the Serene Lakes  alpine environment.  We will take short hikes to the Serene Lakes shoreline,  lower Serena Creek, and the Rowton trail, to investigate insect and plant processes. We’ll ask questions about what we’re seeing, collect data, and find answers. There will be time for games, scavenger hunts, and a cool-off swim. 

Session 2 –Water, the Source of Life


Campers will explore the unique watershed of Donner Summit focusing on the Serene Lake area.  We will take short hikes around Serene Lakes and Serena Creek as well as to Rowton peak where we can see an overview of the watershed.  We will investigate water related questions and try to find answers.  There will be time for games, scavenger hunts, and a cool-off swim.