Serene Lakes Science Camp

Serene Lakes Young Scientist Exploration Camp Returns in 2018

July 25th – 27th, 2018 Serene Lakes         Ages 5-16

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Give your child the opportunity to explore Serene Lakes this summer. This hands-on science camp is designed for children of Serene Lakes families around the unique ecology of the area.

Campers learning about macroinvertebrates during the Headwaters Summer Science Camp.

Campers learning about macroinvertebrates during a Headwaters Summer Science Camp.

Day campers will explore the natural spaces around Serene Lakes, ask scientific questions, design and conduct experiments to answer their own questions. Science is fun and engaging when children get to ask the questions and design experiments to test that they are curious about. This program will show your child science is fun and all around them while forging a unique connection to the Serene Lakes area.

Camp Overview: Over three days, Headwaters instructors will guide participants through exploring the natural systems around them and creating a short research projects. During these sessions campers will ask questions about the surrounding area, conduct experiments to try to answer their questions, and ultimately share their findings with the community. The program would culminate with participants presenting the findings of their projects at a table at Serene Lake Days. Activities will include collecting and surveying aquatic insects in Serene Lakes, using track plates to study local mammals, and measuring the spread of the high-speed, seed-launching parasite, Dwarf Mistletoe.  The main goal of this program will be to open participants’ eyes to the incredibly diverse and interconnected ecosystem around Serene Lakes. We understand this is summer vacation for the participants and would weave together a fun exploration of the area and some unique opportunities for learning science.

Drop off between 8:30 and 9:00 am and pick up between 2:30 and 3:00 pm.

Comparing notes during data collection at science camp.

About Headwaters Science Institute: Headwaters Science Institute is a Soda Springs based non-profit that specializes in explorative, project based science education. We work with schools from Reno to San Francisco to design curriculum and run educational programming that engage students in the sciences.





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