Serene Lakes Science Camp

Serene Lakes Young Scientist Exploration Camp

Sessions run from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

2024 Dates:

Session 1: Water Week, July 15th – 18th
Session 2: Plants and Wildflowers Week, July 22nd – 25th
Session 3: Animals and Insects Week, July 29th – August 1st

General registration: Ages 5-12
Counselor-in-training program: Ages 13-15

Price: $350 per Session, $200 for CIT Program

Camp overview:

Give your child the opportunity to explore Serene Lakes this summer. This hands-on science camp is designed for children of Serene Lakes families to explore the unique ecology of the area.

Day campers will explore the natural spaces around Serene Lakes, ask scientific questions, and design and conduct experiments to answer their own questions. Science is fun and engaging when children get to ask the questions that they are curious about. This program will show your child science is fun and all around them while forging a unique connection to the Serene Lakes area.

Registration opens February 1st. 

Have questions? Need more info? contact our Camp Manager: Morgan Long

Session 1 –Water, the Source of Life

We will explore the water resources in the surrounding area. Campers will learn about water quality measures used by scientists. They will also learn about macroinvertebrates found in the local streams and lakes and how those communities potentially change with water quality. There will be plenty of time to enjoy splashing around in the water! Take home craft: Tie dye – Students will need to bring an old white t-shirt or some other piece of clothing to dye

Session 2 –Plants and Wildflowers

Campers will learn about the diversity of wildflowers and plants in the surrounding area. We will compare and contrast the plant diversity in the various local habitats. Campers will learn to use scientific tools, like quadrats, to identify differences in plant communities. They will come up with questions that they can answer by collecting data using the skills they learn. Take home craft: Nature’s wind chime – Students will design and make their own wind chime out of natural objects found during our time spent exploring the area.

Session 3 –Animals and Insects

Students will learn about the many animals and insects found in the area. We will hike and observe wildlife and wildlife signs (i.e., footprints), and learn how scientists observe wildlife. Campers will learn about the diversity of insects by going out and catching and observing insects in the different surrounding habitats. Campers will learn about insect pollination and how insects may blend into their surroundings via camouflage or sometimes stand out from their surroundings as a potential warming. Students will ask questions and answer them through observations made while exploring the area. Take home craft: Bird feeder – Students will make their own bird feeder out of old soda bottle or milk carton.

Counselor In Training (CIT) Program

This program is designed for campers ages 13-15. We work on leadership skills. The CIT’s learn to lead games, teach, and learn outdoor child safety skills. This is a great way for them to learn responsibility so they will be ready to be a camp counselor. 

Additional Materials:

Once you have registered your child, please take a look at the following materials. Be sure to fill out the camp waiver form below and view the packing list to prepare for the program.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancelations are subject to a $50 fee and are only allowed until June 1st. If there is someone else to fill the spot we will accept trades.