San Francisco University High School Students Research Ash Fallout from the King Fire
- October 26, 2014 -

Headwaters just completed a super program with students from the San Francisco University High School AP© Environmental Science class. Prompted by the nearby King Fire (which hadn’t been contained yet when they arrived), students studied the ash fallout and its effects in Van Norden Meadow and found some astonishing results about the amount of ash that fell and what that ash does to the pH of the soil and water.

SFUHS field work

Check out these terrific projects the students were able to complete in just three and a half days!

Ash Fallout Presentation

pH of soil ash

How Ash affects the ph of water

Changes in soil pH from the king fire ash

Testimonial from their teacher:

“Headwaters Science Institute allows my students to do their own field research where they develop their own scientific question then follow it through with the development of their project from its design, data collection analysis, to a final oral presentation under peer review. My students experienced a focussed immersion into their project that allowed them to accomplish a large task in just a few days time. The entire experience from lodge life to field research is a rare  opportunity that most high schools cannot offer their students either due to their urban location or the constraints of their daily class schedule. The staff at Headwaters Science Institute works with each research group to help guide them through the challenges of their project, giving each group the opportunity to produce a successful project by the conclusion of their stay.”- Rae Ann Sines