By donating to support science education you could win dinner for two anywhere in the world. Yes. Anywhere.

  •  Ticket Cost: one for $25, five for $100
  • 2500 tickets are available in total
  • The raffle prize is up to $4,000 to be spent on:
    • Round-trip airfare for two people to any major international airport
    • Hotel accommodations
    • Dinner for two at the winner’s restaurant of choice
    • Rental Car as needed

Tickets may be ordered digitally via the form below or purchased via phone, mail, email, or in person at any authorized reseller (including: program participants, teachers, supporters, staff, board members). Tickets may be purchased with cash, check, or credit card.

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Terms and Conditions:

Headwaters Science Institute or its designated representative will conduct the raffle drawing by October 20th 2019 or when 2,500 tickets have been sold. We will do the drawing on Facebook Live.  We will announce the day and time at least one week before the drawing. The person who purchased the selected raffle ticket (the “Winner”) will be notified by phone and/or email as provided on their ticket stub no later than 3 days after the drawing.

The Winner is entitled to two round-trip airline flights to and from any major international airport, dinner for two at the restaurant of his or her choice, and a two-night stay at a hotel for two (more nights will be considered given the trip budget), a rental car cost will be covered as needed (and if within the budget). The destination, restaurant, and hotel will be selected by the Winner. Headwaters Science Institute reserves the right to select the airline and rental car company. Upgrades in air travel, car rental, and accommodations (including extra nights) may be made at the Winner’s sole cost and expense. The Prize does not include any other entertainment or travel services beyond those explicitly stated in these conditions. Total package value is not to exceed $4,000. The Winner must decide upon a destination and a restaurant by one month following the raffle. The Winner must use the Prize by May 1, 2020. All travel arrangements must be booked through Headwaters Science Institute or its designated representative

The Winner must be at least 21 years of age. The Winner may be required to provide proof of age acceptable to Headwaters Science Institute. A written request must be received and approved by Headwaters Science Institute or its designated representative if the Winner wants to transfer Prize to another eligible adult.

Prior to accepting the Prize, Winner may be required to provide to Headwaters Science Institute a W-9, a clear and readable photocopy of identification (such as driver’s license or passport), social security number, and any additionally required forms. Headwaters Science Institute may require the completed documents, withholding tax payment, and current proof of personal official identification and valid social security number before Prize is released to the Winner. The Winner represents and warrants to Headwaters Science Institute that all information submitted with respect to receipt of the Prize is complete and accurate. Headwaters Science Institute is not liable for any loss, injury, death, accident, theft, illness, or other misfortune of any nature whatsoever incurred during this trip or resulting from it. By accepting airline tickets or any other portion of the Prize, the Winner releases Headwaters Science Institute, its employees, trustees, agents, and attorneys from any and all obligations to the Winner and any and all claims or causes of action that may exist against Headwaters Science Institute, known or unknown, as well as any such obligations, claims, or causes of action arising from the Winner’s acceptance of the Prize. Headwaters Science Institute makes no warranty whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to the prize. • The IRS takes the position that no portion of the ticket price will qualify as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. • All net proceeds will be applied to Headwaters school programs. • Tickets are $25.00 each or 5 for $100.00 and may be purchased with cash, check, money order. Each ticket must list the purchaser’s telephone number, address, and email address if available • Raffle tickets may not be deposited in the federal postal service; doing so is a violation of federal law and may lead to penalties. For people that can’t get tickets in person we can give you a digital raffle ticket.