Courtney Rowe on managing fire and prescribed burns

Courtney Rowe on managing fire and prescribed burns

Courtney Rowe is the Ecological Program lead for the Sierra District of California State Parks. Previously, she spent 12 years as a botanist for the US Forest Service, during which one of her auxiliary duties was to coordinate resource advisors for wildland fire. She has worked in natural resource management on public lands since 2001, doing a wide variety of ecology, from prescribed burning & timber cruising to dune restoration & native plant propagation. She studied geomorphology at Cal & ecological genetics at UNR.


Student Investigation 

Here’s a list of resources specifically related to the management of lands impacted by wildland fire, which was a segment of Courtney’s talk:


99% Invidible Podcast: Built to Burn episode
An account of the Panorama Fire in the 1980s that was spurred by active strong winds, which discusses some of the reasons so many homes were lost in the incident.

Tahoe’s relationship to prescribed burns
This article from SF Gate talks about the relationship between land in the Tahoe National Forest and how its been impacted by the practice of prescribed burns.

Worstening wildfires explained
This article from Cal Matters discusses some of the reasons that wildfire seasons have historically continued to intensify in California