High School Student Research:

Urban School

This ecology course took day trips to the Marin Headlands National Park to study riparian habitat in the Gerbode Valley.

How does salinity of a stream affect biodiversity of adjacent vegetation?

The effect of channel incision on vegetation composition of the riparian corridor

Macro-invertebrate biodiversity and abundance in Rodeo Lagoon

The effect of soil type on plant diversity in riparian zones

College Prep School A.P.E.S.

These juniors and senior spent 2 days at the Clair Tappaan Lodge on Donner Summit studying factors that affect biodiversity in wetlands and forested areas.

The effect of TDS on Biodiversity

How does forest composition change between different habitats

Water quality in relation to a removed dam

The distribution of parasitism in subalpine forests

Woodside Priory Service Week Trips

A group of Priory seniors traveled to Donner Summit to study the Sierra Nevada snowpack. Groups of students created projects around factors that affect avalanches and snow melt water quality.

Impacts of Pine Trees on Snow pH

Tracking Total Dissolved Solids in Snow

Snow Melt Water Quality

Snow Density and Avalanche Danger

San Francisco University High School

This AP Environmental Science Class visited Donner summit in late September to conduct experiments on biodiversity in Van Norden Meadow.

Water Quality and Biodiversity in Van Norden

Vegetation of Van Norden Meadow

Middle School Student Research:

Student Driven Research isn’t just for high schoolers!

North Lake Tahoe Middle School

The NTMS 7th grade investigated populations and resources by looking at what factors affect sugar pine populations around their school.

Forest density of different trees around their campus

What other plants live in close proximity to sugar pines?

Which types of trees around their school do bark beetles infest the most?

Quarry Lane

Check out these great presentations by middle school students from the Quarry Lane School. They did a 5 day program that allowed the students to work hard and produce great results. The students had a wide array of topics and all were able to learn some new statistics while they were analyzing their data.

A Bug’s Life

Dwarf Mistletoe spread

Fish and Algae in Van Norden

Insects Eyesight

Lichen Presentation

Parasitic Mistletoe in Fir Trees

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