Explore Northern California Through These Science Talks
- December 5, 2020 -

Check out the kinds of research being done in Northern California…

Our scientist presentation series, Lunch With A Scientist, was designed to show students what professionals in STEM careers do. These presentations also prove that a scientist can come from ANY background, gender, culture, and can look like anyone!

Through the generous sponsorhip of the Nevada County Relief Fund, we’re happy to bring you this series of talks specific to research being done in the California’s Sierra Nevada Region.

About the Sierra Nevada: 

The Sierra Nevada is a major mountain range running along the Western part of California, extending over 250 miles, from the Mojave Desert area to the base of the Cascade Mountain Range Northern California and Oregon. 

The region is home to the largest trees in the world, the giant sequoia, and is extremely ecologically diverse. 50% of California’s vascular plants live in nthe region and over 200 endemic and rare species live her as well.

The region also serves as the watershed for much of the state, making its weather patterns and geology particularly worth studying. 

Sierra Nevada Region Science Talks

Spencer Eusden on citizen science based butterfly research in the Sierra Nevada. 

Noelle Patterson on the relationship between cottonwood trees and streams in the Truckee River Watershed. 

David Shaw on streambed restoration to improve streamflow.

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Thank you to our sponsor:

Thank you to the Nevada County Relief fund for sponsoring a series of locally impactful lessons for youth in the Truckee/Tahoe area! 


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