Scientists studying the health and genetic diversity of frogs
Keely Rodriguez on disease in frogs
- February 16, 2021 -

Keely Rodriguez is a PhD student at the University of Nevada Reno in the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology department. She has worked with many endangered species including fish, sea turtles, and frogs. Currently, she studies frog immune systems to see how they react to deadly diseases. Hear all about her research live in this talk.

Watch Keely’s Talk:


More resources:

More on conservation biology: learn more about what a conservation biologist does by browsing Keely’s website, or check out the Voyles Lab website where Keely studies at UNR. 

Read a recent article: check out this article by Keely Rodriguez and Jamie Voyles detailing their work on frogs with chiytridiomicosis published this year. 


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