Trees in the Sierra Nevada
Flora and Fauna of the Tahoe National Forest
- May 12, 2021 -

In this talk, US Forest Service biologists Emily Enochs, Carrie Johnson, and Mary Patterson give an insight into their work with species found in the Sierra Nevada region. This talk was presented live for the students at Tahoe Expedition Academy in spring of 2021.

These three presenters are all biologists with the Forest Service. Carrie is an aquatic biologist and is in charge of fish and frogs. Emily is a terrestrial wildlife biologist who does surveys of primarily owls, goshawks, and eagles. Mary is a botanist and is in charge of rare plants and invasive plants.

One of their primary jobs is to provide project input during the planning phase to ensure that we are not jeopardizing populations of our sensitives species.  This is done by completing pre-project surveys to inventory rare species and invasive species.


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