Ecologist doing data collection on location
Using drones for conservation work with Eben Broadbent, PhD
- March 2, 2021 -

Eben N. Broadbent, PhD, is an assistant professor of forest ecology & geomatics in the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida, with a PhD in Biology (Ecology & Evolution) from Stanford University. He is the co-founder of the Spatial Ecology and Conservation Lab (SEPC) at the University of Florida, where his focus is on using Gator Eye, a drone that’s also an unmanned flying laboratory, to further conservation efforts.

Watch Eben’s Talk:


More resources:

Learn more about spatial ecology: Check out the Univervsity of Florida’s Spatial Ecology and Conservation (SPEC) lab co-founded by Eben

Data set: these data sets were collected by Eben Broadbant and his wife Almeyda Zambrano. They can be used for students looking to create a research project, learn data analysis, or used as scripts in R for spatial analyses.


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