Scientist studying frogs
David Dimitrie on behavioral interactions in frogs
- March 30, 2021 -

In today’s episode, meet David Dimitrie, a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology at Case Western Reserve University. He is an amphibian ecologist, focusing on how amphibians respond to changes in the environment (although he has an equal love for anything reptile). David is also a science educator and has been teaching in both the formal and informal science classroom for over 10 years.

Watch David’s talk:


More resources:

Learning about biological sounds:

Raven Sound Software is created and managed by the Cornell University Lab Center for Conservation Bioacoustics. They provide excellent resources and educational materials for learning about biological sounds. Student (K-12) and educator licenses are available to purchase for the Raven Pro software; however, the free Raven Lite software has excellent capabilities to view and conduct basic analyses on sound files.

Become a frog watcher:

To learn more about how you can become involved with citizen science efforts in the US to monitor frogs , check out FrogWatch. FrogWatch USA is a citizen science program that provides opportunities to learn about wetlands by reporting on the calls of local frogs in your community.

Get in touch with David:

David is eager and willing to share frog recordings from his research for classroom and research educational purposes. Please feel free to contact him ( if you would like to discuss methods to incorporate frog calls into your classroom or educational programs!


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