The Importance of Mentorship
- January 25, 2023 -

Mentorship is often an important part of any budding career, but many professionals across sectors stay in contact with mentors and mentees throughout their careers as a source of ideas, insight, and inspiration. For a student just starting their journey in the world of science and technology, the opportunity to connect with a mentor early in secondary education is something special.

Dan Dudek is our Program Manager for the Headwaters Research Experience. He earned his M.S. in Biology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he focused on researching the evolution of neotropical amphibians. He loves mentoring the students: 

It’s a pleasure meeting bright young minds, and relieved to know there are many brilliant students who can solve current and future issues. Students’ outlook on science changes by the end of the program – they go from viewing science as information to memorize to viewing it as a framework to assess information. It feels great to leave a mark on their scientific journey and inspire the scientists of tomorrow.

Dan Dudek

Having a mentor can provide valuable guidance and support as students navigate the challenges and complexities of getting started in a technical field. A mentor can offer advice and insights based on their own experiences, as well as provide encouragement and motivation to help the student stay focused and strategically plan a path to meet their goals. Mentors can also talk with students about long-term opportunities in various disciplines and guide question asking and decision making on potentially pursuing a scientific career.

Mentors see growth in students as well. Hannah Kahl, who completed her Ph.D. at UC Davis and is now an Ecological Pest Management Program Specialist at the Community Alliance with Family Farmers, mentors for the research experience is impressed by all the students.

They were very eager and excited. The kinds of questions that they asked were so unique! The students grew in developing confidence and independence. They learned how to better measure and address their research questions.

Hannah Kahl

Secondly, mentorship can provide access to valuable resources and networks. A mentor with industry connections can introduce the student to potential job opportunities or internships and potentially provide access to specialized equipment or training that may not be regularly available. Additionally, having a mentor can open doors to new research opportunities or collaborations that can enhance the student’s learning and professional development.

This is why Headwaters Science Institute prioritizes quality mentorship and secures opportunities to connect students with dedicated professionals in the scientific community as often as possible. Our Research Experience is one of those opportunities, allowing a student working on a research project to tap into the experience of a professional well-versed in research methodologies, writing and presentation, and networking within scientific communities. 

Joining our Research Experience is an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience and take the first step towards a successful career in #STEM. You’ll have the chance to explore your own research interests and network with professionals in the field.

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