Honoring the girls and women of science
- July 26, 2019 -

“A woman engineer who worked on the moon landing spoke this week of how she was once told the control room was no place for women.” –BBC News

We know that females in the sciences have fought long and hard to get where they are, and we have personally seen a huge growth in this area. With the success of our Girls Summer Science Camp July 14-19, we’ve got women in science on our minds, and are so proud of the hard work done by the young ladies at camp. Below you can read more about the science camp, and about an awesome article honoring the women in science!

Our Girls Summer Science Camp

We were joined by a wonderful group of young ladies at Webber Lake and Lacey Meadow this July. Executive Director Megan Seifert and Program Coordinator Ashley Pierce led this camp. They taught the girls our Student Driven Research methods, encouraging them to explore the natural environment and come up with their own questions, design research, and answer those questions. The campers had the rare opportunity to access this area through a partnership with the Truckee Donner Land Trust. We are very grateful for their support and for access to these beautiful protected lands.

Many of the campers chose to study the habits and behaviors of the Canada Geese around Webber Lake. They were intrigued by the geese’s behavior habits and their daily patterns. As they concluded their research, they then worked hard on computerized data analysis and collating their findings into presentable research.

To celebrate the end of camp, the Land Trust held a hike through Lacey Meadow lead by their docents, allowing parents, supporters, and the public a rare chance to see the area. Our campers were on hand to help answer questions and assist in leading the hikes.


The evening following our camp, the girls joined their parents and the public at our Celebrate Science Tahoe event at our Headquarters in Soda Springs, where they finally got a long needed shower! Then they quickly turned their attention to presentations and answering questions. The girls presented with confidence and ease, and we are so proud of them!

Women Pioneers In Science

Check out this great article titled Women in science: Smashing glass ceilings and glass walls published by the BBC. You can learn all about five amazing female leaders in science:

-The Pioneer: Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell
-The research leader: Dr. Nicola Beer
-The trailblazer: Gladys Ngetich
-The one pushing boundaries: Dr Megan Wheeler
-The rising star: Elina Aino Johanna Pörsti