Fun Science Fridays: Scavenger hunt!
- August 20, 2020 -

Scavenger hunt card:

 Get the card here. Have fun checking off whatever you can find. Be sure to read the instructions below to learn how to submit.


Scavenger hunt instructions:

-The scavenger hunt starts on Friday, August 21, and ends at 4 pm on Wednesday, August 26th. You must email your entry by 4 pm. We will announce the winner on Fun Friday Science Lessons on Friday the 28th of August. One entry per person. Find as many of the items on the cards as you can. Cross out the items as you find them. 

-To make it fun and offer some proof please take a picture of what you find. You can be in the picture or not, up to you! You should take a picture of your cards as well as fun photos of what you found and email them to Please do not check off items that you have seen at other times in your life. This is about what you can find during this scavenger hunt. 

– If you work with a sibling and only submit one card you will have to share the prize! You can each do your own card if you like. 

-You must be 10 and under to submit. We will pick a random winner from the submissions as well as give a prize to the person that finds the most. If we have more than one that finds the most we will randomly pick between the ties for a prize.  

-The prizes will be Headwaters logoed hats or t-shirts (we will work with the winners to get them a size they will use). 


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