Program Director Spencer Eusden is moving on to a new job
- March 10, 2021 -

Spencer Eusden has been a great asset to the Headwaters team and will be missed. He was integral to our inception and has become a regular face at most of our programs throughout the years. We wish him the best in all his endeavors. Read Spencer’s address below to hear more about his exciting new job.

Spencer’s address:

I am both saddened and excited to announce that I will be leaving Headwaters to develop wildfire science curriculum for northern Nevada schools with The U.N.R. Living with Fire outreach extension. I look forward to bringing all the educational expertise I’ve gained over the last 7 years with Headwaters to this incredibly timely and needed project.
Thinking back to 2014 when Headwaters was first imagined by Mary ellen, Meg, and myself it is amazing to see how much the organization has grown beyond the three of us. I am grateful not only to have had such supportive coworkers in this journey, but also for all the scientist mentors, donors, and educators who have helped us make a difference in so many students lives.

Over the last 10 months Headwaters has shown itself to be an incredibly resilient organization finding new an innovative ways to support students and teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic. I can’t wait to see the incredible educational programs Headwaters’ staff and board of directors come up with next.