Fall Fundraiser 2023
- September 30, 2023 -

Charitable donations from the Headwaters community help more students discover hands-on science

If you can help further our mission through a donation, any amount you give allows us to continue offering experiential science education to more students. We are always hoping to broaden access to science education programs like this for students and schools that can’t afford it and appreciate your support.

With students and teachers back in their classrooms, Headwaters is excited to announce our Fall Fundraiser! Headwaters relies on support from our community to make a difference in the lives of students, whether that’s providing scholarships for research or programs, offering materials and activities at low cost to underfunded schools, hiring the best science mentors, or engaging teachers in professional development programs.

Your gift helps Headwaters prepare students for effective careers in STEM and other fields. Through our camps, field days, research experiences, and school programs, young people of all ages are learning to use their voices, ask questions, conduct meaningful research, and communicate with colleagues and peers.

Mark your calendars for some special events during this fall fundraiser!

Fundraiser Events

October 1: "The Last of the Nightingales" is available to screen virtually

About the film: Among the many tragedies of extinction, there is one least spoken about, one easily taken for granted. It is the loss of sound; the loss of the song of life. Can you imagine a silent Earth? Bernie Krause, the legendary pioneer of Acoustic Ecology, takes us on an immersive journey to understand the devastating effects of climate change and the roadmap that natural soundscapes can offer for overcoming the climate crisis.

About the event: Register online to receive access to the film from October 1 – October 12 and then join our live-streamed Q&A session on October 12 at 6pm PT. 

Register to receive access to the screening!

October 5: Match Day!

Unlock matching funds from Headwaters’ board of directors and a second match day on October 12!

Help meet our $2,500 goal for the day!

October 5: Trivia Night at Alibi Ale Works

Join us at 6pm at Alibi for trivia night!

October 6 - 8: Introduction to Research Program

We have programs for students as well! This 3-day, 2-night overnight field camp at Davis Creek Regional Park that guides students sixth grade and older through the process of science in the natural world as they investigate a research topic in the field of ecology.

Cost: Grant funded from Bass Pro Shops and Teichert Foundation. There is a $50 registration fee to cover administrative costs.

October 12: "The Last of the Nightingales" Q&A

About the event: Register online ahead of the Q&A to receive access to the film from October 1 – October 12 and then join our live-streamed Q&A session on October 12 at 6pm PT. 

In person event: We are also hosting a screening of the film and Q&A in person at Donner Creek Brewing! Join Headwaters starting at 5:30 pm PT – Donner Creek Brewing is donating $1 per Pint to Headwaters!

Let us know you’re coming to Donner Creek Brewing!

October 12: Match Day!

Unlock matching funds from anonymous donors and get us further towards our overall $15,000 goal.

Help meet our $2,500 goal for the day!