Family Field Day: Nature Journeys with Headwaters Science Institute

Date: August 12, 2023

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm PT

Nature Journeys with Headwaters Science Institute is a science education, nature appreciation, and community-building opportunity in a single event. Our goal is to give everyone, regardless of age, the ability to become citizen scientists by documenting biodiversity in the community.


  • Participants will gather at the Carpenter Valley Trailhead for the event at the event time and location. More details will be provided to ticket holders closer to the event.
  • Headwaters will give a 30-45 minute talk on the importance of biodiversity, conservation of the environment, respecting nature, and the importance of student-led research.
  • With the iNaturalist app, the community can come together to document and learn about the natural beauty around them while contributing to a global database of locality information used by scientists and naturalists. After participants break into groups to explore the area for two hours, everyone will reconvene. Light food and refreshments will be supplied and a winner will be crowned.

We are extremely grateful to the Truckee Chamber of Commerce through the Truckee Core Values Event Fund for their support of this event. And in a true community partnership, this event is taking place at the Truckee Donner Land Trust’s Carpenter Valley Trailhead.

This event embodies Truckee Core Values of Community Mindedness, Natural Beauty, and Family Friendly! This event promotes community-mindedness by bringing everyone together to learn more about nature – something everyone in Truckee is passionate about. By documenting the biodiversity in the community, we are appreciating the beauty of nature at a much deeper level and contributing to a body of science that helps our broad understanding of the species and natural history that make Truckee the beautiful natural area that it is. Whether you are young or old, learning more about plants and animals around you is a never-ending journey that can bring families and the community closer together, and connect you with your environment.

**No dogs or pets are allowed at the event due to location restrictions**