David Dimitrie Joins our Team as Headwaters’ Program Director
- April 21, 2021 -

This month we’re excited to bring on board David Dimitrie as our new Program Director. Below you can learn more about him and the great assests he’s sure to bring to our team.

About David: David will be completing his Ph.D. in Biology at Case Western Reserve University in May 2021. His past research has focused on the effects of environmental change on amphibians, reptiles, and their habitats. As a science educator, he has taught outdoor environmental education, college biology and ecology, and ecotourism. His best experiences as an educator have always been when he helps others connect with the natural world around them. David enjoys ultrarunning and spending any free time he can outdoors with his family.

David’s address:

It is with tremendous enthusiasm that I join Headwaters Science Institute as the new Program Director. My goal as a science educator has always been to connect students with the natural world around them through scientific inquiry. I am now thrilled to join Headwaters in our mission to foster curiosity through science. Headwaters is the type of organization I have long envisioned for myself as an educator and as a scientist where I can support the curiosity, independent thinking, and confidence that our students need today.

I am eager to join the creative, hardworking staff of Headwaters and to lead our programs for our students, teachers, and scientist mentors. I look forward to strengthening our current relationships with the schools and communities that are continually making positive impacts on our students. I also look towards the future and the opportunity to move the programs of Headwaters forward as we expand our educational efforts to new students, teachers, and communities. I look forward to creating new relationships with schools, communities, and donors that align with our mission and that will provide us new opportunities to continually reach more students.

An important goal of mine will be to ensure that our programs are accessible to all students and that our programs focus on the importance of diversity in science. All students should have access to positive science education that will foster their curiosity and engagement as they become critically thinking, informed citizens. It is our role as educators and community members to ensure they have the opportunities they need to become these individuals. Headwaters—like our students and teachers—has demonstrated incredible creativity and perseverance in the face of the challenges of this past year. I believe this has prepared us to now move forward even stronger. My passion as an educator has always centered on confronting the ever-evolving challenges of science education, and I look forward to continuing this work at Headwaters for many years to come.

Learn about David’s PhD Research:

In his Lunch With A Scientist talk, David detailed the work he’s done on the calling behavior of frogs. Watch the video here or click the link below to access the full LWS page with post-talk resources and associated readings.