Headwaters Data and Climate Science Camp

Students throughout the Headwaters programming have identified how important both data and climate science are throughout their research, daily lives, and future. Data & Climate Science Camp offers students the opportunity to learn about both these fields, how they interact, and ways students can make an impact in the world.

During this program, students will discover the exciting world of data science and how this tool is used throughout climate science. By participating in the Headwaters Data & Climate Science camp, students can gain knowledge and skills in data and climate science while exploring future career opportunities.

“I wanted to say thank you for helping and leading this camp the last two weeks and being a great inspiration and help for my future endeavors in data science.”

Former Digital Data Science Camp Participant

Learning Objectives

  • Python Programming Language Basics
  • R Programming
  • Descriptive Statistics Basics
  • Wallace Software Basics (for exploring ecological niche models and extracting coordinate data for species)
  • Data Interpretation
  • Using Data in Climate Science
  • Data & Climate Science Analytics

Program Details

Date: July 22 – 26

Times: Currently, times are set at 2:30pm – 4:00pm PT but times can be adjusted to the cohort’s needs.

Location: Remote program! Can be completed online from anywhere

Details: Data and Climate Science Camp is a 1-week remote program. Students will meet with the instructor Monday – Friday for 90 minutes each day. All work should be completed within the session. The program is designed for high school and college students, but ambitious 7th and 8th graders are welcome to apply.

Price: $450


Monday: Introductions

  • Get to know your classmates, Intro to data science, Intro to climate science, How to write a research question

Tuesday: Introduction to Python

  • Univariate & Multi-Variate Testing, How to find Data & Project Data Identification

Wednesday: Using Data to Analyze Climate

  • Workshop Topics, Real-World Examples, & Statistical Analysis

Thursday: Your Work & Presentation Building

  • Learning with your data: Python Workshop & Presentation Building 

Friday: Final Class

  • Report review and presentation

Meet The Instructor

Courtney Kudera is the program manager and data analyst here at Headwaters Science Institute!

A recent graduate from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, she is excited to share her passion for science and data knowledge with Headwaters. Originally from Wyoming, she is excited to make an impact in science education at Headwaters. In her freetime, she can be found trail running, painting, doing yoga, or reading.