HSI programs are mobile! There are lots of great places to go. We can use conference centers around the country, stay in cabins at a field site, or go camping. Do you already have a trip idea, but need science content? We will go with you and help tailor the research environment for your students.

Consult with us about experiential research weeks at any location that suits your program goals. These experiential programs prepare students for upper level science classes and look great on college applications. In addition to conducting academically rigorous projects, students will have plenty of time for adventure and exploration in the surrounding mountains and lakes.

The spirit of experiential education is alive through Headwaters Science Institute programs. Students learn science by doing science, in amazing environments. The inspiration students have to chase down their own questions and to learn rigorous methods is a testament to the value of experiential ed.”

-Andy Giordano, Sugar Bowl Academy Dean, and Head of Experiential Education

View a sample program schedule here.

To speak with us about a customized program, contact us here.