Announcing: Headwaters’ Spring 2021 Research Experience
- November 15, 2020 -

Get curious through a fun project this spring!

Hands-on investigation of the natural world guided by mentors through a digital cohort.

Through online lessons and hands-on field research students will:

  • design and execute their own research project
  • work with a professional scientist mentor
  • learn research and data analysis skills
  • create a polished research presentation
  • write, edit, and finalize a research paper
  • submit their paper to a scientific journal for publication

Our research program students work one-on-one with scientist mentors and work in groups with their peers. They make new friends and learn new skills that get them college ready.

Registration and scholarship info: 

Program runs February 2- April 23

2 weekly group meeting options are available. Individual mentor sessions are scheduled with your mentor.

Cost: $1350

Scholarships available through our program info page. Applications due by January 10.

See previous student research: 


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