Mission Statement
To cultivate engaged curious citizens through transformative science education.

Our programs create opportunities for students to make their own scientific inquiries and pursue answers through authentic field experiences. We make use of an inspiring and engaging field setting to give students a hands-on scientific experience. Students participate in everything from developing questions and experiments to analyzing evidence, to collecting data as part of long-term studies, to identifying the role of history in ecology. We aim to provide memorable, meaningful experiences that have lasting impacts on students beyond the programs themselves. Our goal is that this empowers students to think critically, to feel ownership of their learning, to feel engaged with science, and to open doors for students who believe that science is too boring or intimidating to consider careers in science. As an organization, we are committed to providing these experiences and understandings, not just to those who can afford these trips, but to all students,  We hope to show students that science does not just happen in a lab and is not only done by people holding advanced degrees; it is fun, exciting, and omnipresent.

Below is a TEDx talk by our executive director Meg Seifert. Take a few minutes to watch and you will learn a lot more about our teaching philosophy at Headwaters.