Monday: Weekly Science Lessons

Video lesson intro plus a science learning packet.

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Wednesday: Office Hours

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Thursday: Mini Challenge

DIY science projects you can do from home.

Friday: Fun Science Fridays

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Monday: Weekly Science Lessons

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  • Weekly lesson packets with an introductory video, homework, and pre-lesson assignments.
  • Lessons are designed to have students interact with the content, ask questions, and practice critical thinking skills.
  • Students are encouraged to submit photos of their associated research projects to us and we will regularly share strong submissions.
  • Utilize our office hours for follow up questions on Wednesdays. Email to arrange a meeting.

NGSS Alignment: These lessons hit many SEP’s, CCC’s and DCI’s. For our lesson packets, you can find the standards on the teacher answer key within the packet.

Past Lessons

Sierra Nevada Ecosystems Packet

Sierra Nevada Ecosystems Packet

Learn about the ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada, which makes up the top portion of the watershed serving much of California, and contains up to 50% of the vascular plants in the state.

Water Chemistry Lesson Packet

Water Chemistry Lesson Packet

Learn about the chemical makeup, polarity, and other unique qualities of this substance which covers 71% of the Earth’s surface.

Global Circulation

Global Circulation

Learn about the Earth’s wind and ocean current patterns, and how these factors help keep the planet cool. This complete lesson packet comes with a video, readings, a worksheet, and a suggested research project.

Behavioral Ecology: Bird Behavior

Behavioral Ecology: Bird Behavior

Behavioral ecology is the study of why and how animals control their behavior. To learn more about this, we’ll look at some of the fascinating behavioral adaptations of birds.

Earth’s Temperature

Learn about weather, climate, and the rising surface temperature of the Earth in this complete science lesson packet.

Insect Populations

This complete lesson including a video and worksheet teaches about the importance of insect populations in an ecosystem.

Benthic Macroinvertebrates

These aquatic insects are an important part of the ecosystem and critical to the health of our waterways. Get more information in the complete lesson packet.