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Lesson Types:

  • Project instructions: students are led to create an NGSS aligned science project based on self-driven research fueled by their curiosity.
  • Science challenge: activities which deliver background content and demonstrate an activity you can try on your own
  • Fun Science Fridays: mini activities for young children in grades K-5
  • Lunch With A Scientist: science talks for high school students given by professional scientists. These include post-talk resources and are designed to be the beginning of a student project based on the talk material.

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Science Challenge: Water Speed Test

Learn how to test the speed of flowing water using materials from around the house. This experiment is often the foundation of many other water quality and species population experiments in waterways.

Fun Science Friday: Insect Pit Traps

Fun Science Friday: Insect Pit Traps

This version of our pit trap lesson is designed for younger children to do a beginner exploration of the insects crawling around near home.

Science Challenge: Birds Nest

We challenge you to use materials from your yard to create a sturdy bird’s next that a real bird might use one day!