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Digital Science Lessons

Free interactive digital and video science projects.

Lunch With a Scientist

Meet a scientist every Tuesday at 11 a.m. PST on Facebook Live

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Digital Science Camps and Research Programs

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Scientist-lead projects for science classes. 

Digital Science Lessons and Programs:

These lessons are designed to have students interact with content, ask questions, and practice critical thinking skills.

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NGSS aligned digital lessons and curriculum:

Check out our simple NGSS activities and project videos in our library, or browse our in-depths NGSS curriculum packages on our teacher resources page.

Interactive science challenge videos:

Fun activities students can easily do at home or in class with just a few supplies. Find the videos in our library.

Lunch With A Scientist:

A 1-hour talk with Q&A by a professional scientist every Tuesday at 11 a.m. PST. View live or watch the archives. Each talk contains a comprehension worksheet as well.

Digital School programs: 

We teach hands on research projects to your students virtually. Learn more about our online school programs here.

Free digital science lessons and more:

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Digital science lessons and activities:

Browse our library full of resources, from short how-to videos to in-depth science projects.

Lunch With A Scientist: 

Every Tuesday we livestream a science talk by a professional scientist. If you can’t make it, the talks are also stored in our library.

Online research program: 

This program allows students to design their own hands-on research project paired with a professional scientist. You’ll emerge with a research paper ready to submit for publication, and a great experience to add to a college application.

Check out our recent lessons:

Lunch With A Scientist: Cassandra Hui on Genetics and the Circadian Rhythm

Cassandra Hui talks about studying the circadian rhythm in the context of a genetic study on fruit flies.

Lunch With A Scientist: Tanner Dulay on the Evolution of Salamanders

Tanner Dulay, PhD student at UCLA, speaks on the evolution of California salamanders.

Lunch With A Scientist: Nate Olson, PhD on advances in DNA sequencing

Nate Olson, PhD speaks on bioinformatics, which use computer science and biology techniques for DNA sequencing.

Lunch With A Scientist: Nancy Kinner on Oil Transport Impacts

Nancy Kinner, PhD speaks on mitigating the potential impacts of oil spills in the Arctic and he research into prevention.

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