A Glimpse Into A Donner Summit Program
- October 1, 2019 -

Do you want to know exactly what we do on Donner Summit with our students? Here is a very simple glimpse of the kinds of research opportunities we offer to students. They are always welcome to think beyond these prompts, but we start here. We use these super simplified slides on day 1 of our programs, and slowly introduce more specific information, building all the way up to complex equations and data analysis that students are capable of using by the end of each program!

But first, it all starts here:

Within the Donner Summit area nearest to the Clair Tappaan Lodge, there is so much that can be studied! Students can choose to study topics like biodiversity, health of waterways, snow science, and so much more!

Once the topic of study is chosen, here are some simple thoughts to consider while designing an experiment:

Headwaters offers both simplified instruction like this and advanced instruction that delves deeply into advanced chemistry, biology, and more. Our curriculum can be customized to fit any education needs of a classroom our group. You can read more about that here!