HSI celebrates Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a special day for us at Headwaters. With all the attention and money we spend on material things at this time of year,  Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to take some of the money or time we would spend in other ways and use it to do some good in the world.

Please consider Headwaters in your Giving Tuesday plans this year.  While we appreciate any donation of any amount, as a brand new organization, we also appreciate the donation of your support– by spreading the word to your friends, sharing our story with a teacher or a school, or donating to our non-profit.  At this point in our young organization, participation is critical.  Please do what you can to support us, and please also encourage at least five of your friends and family to join you.

We have a great experience to offer schools, students, and educators.  Our programs and curriculum can change lives, but without your support our reach will be limited. Please consider joining our Five for the Future Campaign.

Thank you!

The Ask:

For information about or to contribute to our campaign, please visit: http://headwaters.causevox.com/

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